dazzlesmile™ – the cutting edge, patented formula designed to become the new leader in teeth whitening. Thanks to modern research and technology, dazzlesmile is quite possibly the easiest and most effective whitening system in production. Everyone knows a beautiful smile lights up a room, why shouldn’t yours? Don’t be shy, don’t hide that dingy smile. Use dazzlesmile for the brightest smile possible, without clumsy trays or gels.

dazzlesmile™ whitens your teeth with a simple two-part system. The dazzlesmile whitening mint is taken after meals or whenever you need fresh breath. Swish it around your mouth letting it dissolve slowly, while the formula penetrates deep into the layers of your teeth. After you’re done, it will leave your mouth with a clean, fresh taste. Instead of brushing with your traditional toothpaste, use dazzlesmile’s whitening toothpaste to reap the benefits while you brush. That’s it! No change to your daily regimen. Nothing is this easy to use, with this great of results, with such minimal effort. All that and there are no reported side effects. Dazzlesmile is completely safe to use.