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Get Moving This Summer: Best Exercises for Joint Health

When aching joints cause you pain, exercise may not seem very appealing. But in fact, though you might feel some pain in your joints when you move, avoiding movement can lead to more problems, including increased pain. Exercise is one of the most recommended treatments to relieve joint pain. An article from Harvard Health Publications … Read More


Cleansing with Fiber

Since doing a cleanse is all about eliminating excess waste and toxins from the body, it makes sense that dietary fiber would play a role. Step 1 of the 2-Step Cleanse and Detox from Optimal Health Science is the Digestive Cleanse. This dietary supplement contains a blend of 22 fibers and herbs that are designed … Read More

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Should I try a Cleanse?

Have you ever thought about trying a cleanse? Maybe you know someone who has done a cleanse and wondered if a cleanse could be right for you. You may have heard of juice cleanses, or cleanses where you don’t eat for a period of time and drink only water with cayenne pepper and lemon. There … Read More

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Caring For Your Joints

Let’s talk about our joints. The word joint is related to the verb join. And that’s what joints do. The basic definition of a joint is that it is the connection between two bones in the body. These essential connections join bones together to create the functional skeletal structure of the body. There are hundreds … Read More

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