Have you ever thought about trying a cleanse? Maybe you know someone who has done a cleanse and wondered if a cleanse could be right for you. You may have heard of juice cleanses, or cleanses where you don’t eat for a period of time and drink only water with cayenne pepper and lemon. There are various supplements that are designed to aid digestion and help the body cleanse and detox, without resorting to extreme restrictive diets.

There are many reasons why people do cleanses, just as there are many types of cleanses that people try. Learning more about cleanses can help you decide what sort of cleanse is right for you. Here are some of the most common reasons people cleanse, as well as a few tips to remember if you decide to try a cleanse yourself.

Reasons People Cleanse

A person may decide to do a cleanse simply because they are looking to push a reset button for their body. A diet of unhealthy or processed food may have left them feeling sluggish and unfocused. They may be dealing with symptoms like headaches or insomnia. Poor nutrition can also lead to dull skin or breakouts, bloating, and constipation. None of these symptoms are very pleasant!

There’s no guarantee that a cleanse will eliminate these symptoms, but many people believe that cleansing, along with an effort to eat wholesome, nutritious foods and drink plenty of water, can lead to improved health.

If you are considering a cleanse, think about the symptoms that you are experiencing and the main goal you want to achieve with your cleanse. While some people do lose weight during a cleanse, your focus should be on the overall health benefits of the cleanse rather than on losing weight, since weight loss from a cleanse may not be permanent.

The 2-Step Cleanse and Detox from Optimal Health Science is a supplement designed to aid digestion and promote the release of toxins. It should be used along with a balanced diet.

Tips for Cleansing

Before you try any cleanse, you should do your research to understand the requirements of the cleanse you are interested in trying and the risks involved. If you are feeling uncertain, consult your doctor, especially if you have any existing medical conditions. If you are taking a supplement, make sure you understand the manufacturer’s warnings. For example, the 2-Step Cleanse and Detox from Optimal Health Science is not suitable for children under the age of 18 or for women who are pregnant or nursing.

During your cleanse, eat a balanced diet. You don’t have to starve yourself to cleanse your body. On the contrary, you should build a diet around delicious, nutritious whole foods that are low in fat and high in fiber—especially fruits and vegetables. This may take some effort if you are used to eating fast food or packaged food, but you may find that you acquire a taste for healthy foods the more you choose them, both because of how they taste and the way that they make you feel.

Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins. It’s always important to drink enough water, but it’s especially important during any sort of cleanse. Following these tips will help you have a successful cleanse.