Is your water safe to drink?

We all know about the negative side effects of sugary drinks. But what about the water you drink every day? Alkaline water has become a buzzword. Claiming that not all water is made the same.

Tap water is delivered to us via systems of purifications and pumped through pipes to our buildings. Mineral water is extracted from springs and naturally contains minerals. But what is alkaline water? And what are the benefits?

We investigated if alkaline water is worth incorporating into your lifestyle.

The short answer is no. Alkaline water might have some benefits for your body, but the benefits are minimal. The average bottle of alkaline water will cost 2-5$ extra. If you were to take these extra dollars and invest in a healthier diet, you will see greater benefits.

What is Alkaline Water?

When it comes our blood, the body maintains a balance between acidic and basic conditions. Known as homeostasis. The body normally functions with a bodily pH of 7.4. Except for the stomach ranging between 1.5-3.5 pH.

Alkaline water is high pH water which means there are more ions floating around in the solution. Most alkaline water has a pH. of 7.0 or higher.

Claims of Alkaline Water

Companies promote Alkaline water to have benefits such as increase immune system, protect bone health, reduces fatigue, and improve overall health.

How does the water do this? Alkaline water claims to neutralize acid in the bloodstream, making our blood less acidic. What they failed to mention is that most of the studies test the body acid levels by saliva and urine with pH strips.

This test is not accurate because our body is good at removing excess nutrients and toxins in our body. If you are consuming a lot of acidic foods, your urine will test higher in acidity due to your kidneys removing the acid from the body.

If you are on a more alkaline diet, your body fluids will result in a more basic solution.

Your body is equipped with a buffer solution which keeps the body in the narrow pH range required for survival. Good news for the meat eaters and vegetarians. You do no have to worry about your body becoming too acidic (by consuming too much meat) or basic (consuming too much vegetables).

Alkaline Water Improves Immune System

When it comes to bacteria and viruses, they prefer acidic conditions. Alkaline water claims that by drinking high pH water you reduce chances of getting sick. Basic water will reduce the acidity of the body. Thus, reducing the likelihood of bacteria thriving in the body.  However, research shows that this is not enough to prevent all disease. There are also cases where bacteria and viruses surviving in more alkaline solutions.

Protects your Bones

When your blood stream becomes too acidic your body will use various methods to bring down the acidity levels. One method is to use the calcium and magnesium stored in bones. The body will neutralize the acid by sending the minerals to the bloodstream. This may sound like an issue for bones. However, studies show that most balanced diets supply the body with more than enough calcium and magnesium to regulate blood pH level.


When it comes to alkaline water it won’t hurt your body, but it might hurt your wallet. The benefits of basic water do not out weight the money you spend. It would be cheaper for you to supplement your body with calcium and magnesium every other day if you are worried about your blood pH levels.

If you are spending money on junk food and alkaline water the benefits of this drink will not fix your problem. Focus on maintaining a healthy diet and don’t be afraid to reach for the tap water.