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“I promised to test CetylMax for a period of time before committing… I’ve done that. I place my order today by telephone with a request for automatic shipment plus an additional jar of the cream which I plan to order on occasion to show others the benefits of this amazing product (spread a little healing around!).

My doctor was shown the ingredients of CetylMax on my recent annual physical and I shared with him what I was experiencing. The fact that I have stopped using knee supports (both knees), which have been my daily routine for well over a year, made him raise his eyebrows! “The stuff works!” His response was simply, “Continue doing what works.”

To boot I have reduced my reliance on a pain medication called Ultram which has some side effects I sure can do without. Hopefully I will be able to wean myself off this med soon and rely on safer means of occasional pain and discomfort which comes with the osteoarthritis condition I have been living with for years.

I am a man of faith and it is my belief that the Lord Christ Jesus prompted me to try CetylMax after just once hearing a testimonial on the radio. Believe me, I NEVER buy things advertised on the radio so in this case I believe the Almighty coaxed me to give this a try.. I’m glad I was obedient and glad for this amazing product. At 67 years of age a little pain relief goes a very long way.”

My most heartfelt thanks,
Jerry Sumeracki
Las Vegas, Nevada

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